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Who We Are

Luuka Plastics is the largest packaging company in Uganda. We deliver top-quality products and services to our customers in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and South Sudan.

We follow international standards of quality control with ISO9001:2015 certification. We produce tailor-made packaging for a huge variety of foodstuffs & confectionary, fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical products, personal hygiene products, and much more.

Our solutions incorporate high-quality laminates with registered cold seal, hot-filled laminates, all types of pouches, shrink sleeves, foils, customer options are almost endless.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities consist of high-quality co-extruders, pp-extruders, and monolayer extrusion. Our flexible packaging printing machines include gravure printing machines, CI flexographic printing, and stack-type flexo printing.

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Our Mission
To continuously increase the market share and provide quality goods and service to our clients, through a quality based approach that also meets the expectations of our employees, share holders, suppliers, customers, community as well as conserving the environment.

Our Vision
To be the leading manufacturer of high quality flexible packaging materials and plastic products in East Africa.

Our Objectives

  • To address the needs of our clients by providing the right packaging materials.
  • To create awareness of our customers with regard to varieties of packaging materials that can be manufactured for their specific needs.
  • To minimize the cost to our customers of packaging materials by producing them locally, thereby assisting our customers towards maximization of their profits.
  • To serve our customers in a more timely manner through reduction of the delivery time as the packaging materials are manufactured locally.
  • To contribute to protection of the environment through recycling of waste generated at our factory and also collections of used plastic materials from the public.
  • To contribute to growth and development of local industries.