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Logistics & Storage

The art and science of getting your products where you need them, when you need them – in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Luuka Plastics has the resources to do this for you.

Great products without the necessary logistics support operation often lead to unsatisfied customers. Luuka Plastics large warehouses for the storage of finished products from where they are picked up and delivered by our inhouse fleet of trucks to our customers. We have built up a fleet who move our finished orders, allowing us to schedule your work with confidence that your orders will arrive on time and be sent to where you want it when you want it once it has passed through our facilities.

we have an ample amount of storage space across our premises. We have large pallet storage spaces enabling us to offer flexibility to our clients in terms of when finished goods should be delivered.

Our state-of-the art drive-in racking system also enables us to organise and carefully store product, packaging and other materials.

Our transport specialist can deal with anything from a small van to a large truck, – in fact whatever you need in order to receive your goods from us in the best possible condition.

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