Luuka Plastics manufactures various flexible packing materials such as co extrusion 3 layers, P.P. extrusion, mono layer extrusion, co extrusion for milk pouches, co extrusion for shrink-wrapping, and HDPE extrusion for shopping bags. Our state of the art flexographic printing machines print on LDPE, HDPE, PP Film BOPP,   BOPP/BOPP Metalised, and PET/LDPE.


Our products are available in the following categories:

PACK (Films and laminates on reels)

BAG (Pre-made plastic bags)

POUCH (Pre-made stand-up pouches)

SLEEVES, TUBES & LIDS (ice cream and confectionery)


Our packaging is manufactured for the following use cases:


Daddies and Crips

Gnuts and Popcorn

Biscuit packaging

Bread packaging

Sweets packaging

Any other snacks

Rice packs

Sugar packs

Flour packaging

Milk & yoghurt packaging

Tea & coffee packaging

Pouch packaging

Zipper bags

Spices packaging

Container labels

Shrink film wrapping

Soap & detergent packaging

Film packaging

Garbage bags

Laundry bags

Cordoning tape

Toilet paper packaging

Shopping bags

Dump proof sheets

Medical waste bags

Courier and examination pouches

Powdered soap

Stand up pouches

Coffee Pouches

Woven sacks (5kg, 15kg, 20kg, 10 kg, 25kg, 50kg and 100kg)

PP Laminated shopping bags





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